Oi: Hand Balm

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Oi Hand Balm

Nourishing beautifying hand cream, ideal for all skin types. This special formulation protects skin from damage caused by sun, wind and cold with its long lasting hydration effect. The formulation is paraben free.

Apply to hands and gently massage until fully absorbed.
Glycerin: emollinet and hydrating action; Olive oil: nourishing and emollinet action; Roucou oil: anti aging and strong anti-oxidant action.


Our best-selling Oi family acts as both a daily routine and styling agent. formulated with roucou oil the products give extraordinary shine and softness, while detangling any kind of hair. For softer, smoother skin you can now complement your daily haircare routine with both an anti-aging hand crème and moisturizing body wash. Our oi line is the invigorating antidote your body needs.

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